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Cash Back for Dummies!

 My name is Vikki and after recently undergoing Major heart surgery I have found myself with loads of time on my hands – so I have explored the internet searching ways of earning a bit of cash and saving money.  One of the best ideas that I have found is Cash Back Sites and I am amazed at the amount of money that you can save using these sites and also the free money that you can earn which are awarded from “Daily free clicks – no purchase required”. I've spent many hours researching to find the best of the best and can assure you only tested paying credible opportunities will be recommended.

  What is a Cash-back site –you might now be asking?

Well a cash-back site is an excellent way of saving you money; it hosts an online shopping directory of some of the UK’s main retailers.

The cash-back site pays you a percentage in commission when you have used a link within the site and your transaction has been tracked - therefore earning you Cash Back.

The site also receives a percentage commission of your online purchases when you click on a link within the cash-back site, taking you directly to the retailer’s website.

Cash-back sites are FREE to join many of them offer cash incentives just for joining!   (Some cash back sites are worked in cash; others reward you in points that equate to cash)

Commission can take 1-3 months to be credited to member's accounts so that the retailer can ensure that your purchases are not returned or a transaction is cancelled.

The cash-back site has no involvement in your payment or the delivery of your purchase; they are purely the middle man.

 So if you shop online with Boots EBay or catalogue companies can you really afford NOT to start earning cash back!

 Pay to Click ( no purchase required)

Just one example of these pay to click daily clicks is On topcashback  if you click through to Kelkoo each day and search for an item – then click through to a Retailers website over a year you would earn 10p per click  x 365 days per year  = £36-50 Now bear in mind that there are a number of these daily clicks available on each cash back site – what are you waiting for – you have no reason not to join  - seeing as you don’t need to shop to start earning.

 Give it a go – you never know you might just get hooked like I am

 Coming soon – want to earn Gift Vouchers for high street stores – watch this space – in the last 2 months I have received £60 of high street vouchers for only 10 minutes work per day, which equates to nearly £10 per hour !

.  To be continued………….


Deals of the Day


Join top cash back and earn £2-50 just for signing up,  earn points when shopping on ebay and get 14p back for every purchase you make over £3.50   Free clicks are tracked quite quickly.  In the account section you see how your clicks are increasing each day with a detailed analysis of each retailer.


A great site with an excellent forum, statements detailing all earning are issued once a week and clicks track fairly quickly.  Great for using when shopping at,  Littlewoods, Grattan, Ebay and many more retailers.  The free daily clicks section on this website is second to none.


Recently updated site which is now back on track and clicks are starting to track very quickly.  1000 points for joining which equals £ 1 and the potential to be earning over £380 a year just in daily free clicks.


Excellent site – again a great forum and the potential to earn 21p a day just in free clicks So that’s £76-65 a year just for 2 minutes work.  Once you join you will earn 500 points which equals to £5 just for joining and this becomes payable once your cash back reaches 2500 points which is £25



£5 free just for joining (see website for terms).  A great site with the free daily clicks potential to be earning over  £120  per year for nothing but a couple of minutes work per day.


One of the better know sites daily free clicks are limited but you get £5 just for signing up to the site – conditions apply – see site.  Ideal for earning cash back shopping at boots,  hmv etc


Earn money for free online. Use this link and earn money by clicking on advertisers websites, no join up fee -  you can even sell things through their auction site too - just like ebay - but no standard listing fees.

E Deals UK

Join through this link and get £5 added to your account as a welcome bonus    -    free to join - so start saving now!


Sign up to Quidco and earn £5 just for signing up -  Retailers on this site include Boots, HMV, Play.com and there are also many insurance companies offering cash back for taking out car or home insurances through retailers advertised on the Quidco Website.


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